Owners: Franco Harris & Teresa Conn

General Manager:
  Kim Zubovic – kim.zubovic@pittsburghpassion.com

Team Operations/ Strength and Conditioning Coach:
 Lisa Horton – horton14@gmail.com

Team Statistics: Nathan Geisler – nathan.geisler@embarqmail.com

Media/Public Relations: Matt Harkins – pghpassionmedia@gmail.com

Operations Assistant/Events: Lauren Ferragonio – lauren.pghpassion.gmail.com

Game Day Operations:

– Jen Cairns – In-Game Commentator

– Chris Schovlin – In-Game Commentator

– Mike Rossie – PA Announcer

– Shelly Zoelle – Game Day DJ

– Dayna Manipole

– Robbin Carlos

– Lisa Bartholomew

– Ronn and Donna Conn

– Barbara and Gary Groshnek

For media inquiries and interview requests, you can send an e-mail to pghpassionmedia@gmail.com.